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Hygiene/Periodontal Health Treatment In Fremont

Hygiene/Periodontal Health Treatment In Fremont

Good periodontal health is of great importance to prevent gum disease. Left unchecked or untreated individuals with poor periodontal health will end up with severe manifestations of gum disease. Our periodontal evaluation and preventive solutions have been very effective in helping our valued patrons to maintain good oral health through the following procedures:

  • Root Planning & Scaling
  • Tackling bacteria with laser treatment
  • Holistic preventive care & maintenance for better periodontal health

We rely on diagnostics, periodontal probes and expert visual examination to understand and evaluate the need for suitable intervention. We emphasize improved oral hygiene through teeth whitening, implants, extractions etc. which is the best defense to prevent the onset of gingivitis. The manifestation of gingivitis to periodontist occurs over a period and at our dentistry, we ensure that our valued clientele receives solutions to improve oral hygiene and prevent gum disease. We take special care to ensure that our periodontal cleanings remove all traces of plaque, tartar and bacteria. We follow up our procedure with tips to the client to help improve hygiene. We also conduct periodical checks us to look for relapse, during the 60-day cycle of bacterial build-up.

At our dentistry, we offer intensive Scaling and Root Planning that is designed to help you get rid of the accumulated tartar, plaque and bacteria. These are the primary reasons for gum disease. Our procedures are always followed up with tips to our clientele, and this has, in turn, prevented a large number of them from having to undergo complex procedures.  Depending on the periodontal health of our patrons, our experts recommend laser treatment to remove the bio films from the depths of the tissues. Lasers offer swift remedies to remove all traces of contamination through thermal dehydration, and this helps our clients to attain better dental health.

Our commitment to excellence begins the moment you step into our dentistry. You will experience a world of difference at our dental centers through the warmth of our personnel, the sophisticated devices we use, the quality of the materials used in procedures, the advanced processes and the experience of our specialists.