Want to Smile Heartily with White Teeth?

Want to Smile Heartily with White Teeth?

The mention of pearly whites used to bring to mind, images of celebrities flashing a perfect set of white teeth. However, this has changed with more and more individuals opting to receive teeth whitening procedures to flaunt their pearly whites. Teeth whitening are no more the exclusive preserve of the glamour world; it is perfectly within reach of most individuals with access to a properly equipped dentistry. Unveiled here are some interesting aspects of teeth whitening that will help you to flash your best smile with the confidence of a celebrity.

Most popular and sought after procedure

It goes without saying that teeth whitening is the most popular and sought-after procedure. The ability to do away with stains and discoloration and lightening the color of teeth has made this procedure a hit among generations. Added to this, is the speed and convenience of the procedure that has rendered it the tag of a popular and frontline procedure.

Know more about vital whitening

Teeth whitening divided into two broad categories – vital whitening and non-vital whitening. Vital whitening refers to whitening of teeth that have a live nerve inside – teeth that are healthy, that have not undergone any form of root canal treatment. The procedure involves the application of a protective material on the gums. A teeth whitening agent is then applied to the teeth, and it is then activated through lasers. The combination of the whitening agent and the activation results in a bleaching action which will lift the stains, discoloration and faded look of the teeth.

Different non-vital whitening procedure

Individuals who have undergone root canal treatment and have discolored teeth due to staining from the inside have reason to cheer from the non-vital whitening procedure. This involves the positioning of a whitening agent inside the teeth with a filling to hold it in place for a short time. After many days, the filling will be removed and replaced with the permanent filling. The whitening agent will act on the teeth from the inside with the same results as the vital whitening procedure.

For teeth whitening, one must consult experienced and trust dentist near you.

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